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Dividend Growth Investing Recap – 8/6/2014

Awesome day for buying dividend stocks! The market was up overall, but many great companies fell today purely on sentiment. This creates the perfect storm of a downward trending stock price with no corresponding change in fundamentals.

Only got a chance to cover two stocks today, but think they are both solid opportunities to add to your watch list and keep an eye on. Full disclosure, I have no position in either company, but hope to shortly as we see what happens to share price.

Also, on a side note, I’ll be in Montreal til Tuesday of next week. As much as I would like to post some content during that time, I’m going to view this trip as a semi-vacation and take a short break. It’ll be nice being unplugged from my computer and phone for a few days. I’ll be right back to posting daily videos starting Wednesday though! Til then, enjoy the video!


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  2. Sam,

    Like the site, great job! I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award, which is about promoting and discovering new blogs . Hope you’ll check out my latest post and follow up when you’re able after your trip. Wishing you the best in your investments.

    Take care,

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