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Dividend Growth Investing Market Recap – August 5th, 2014

Today is Tuesday August 5th, 2014 and today was a pretty nice day when it comes to dividend growth investing! The beauty of dividend investing is that it’s not about the immediate gains from capital appreciation, but the long term power of compounding returns of dividends over the course of years. So, when the market continues to trend lower, it creates lots of buying opportunities! Time to pick them up cheap so we can benefit later.

Buying when the market is trending lower can be terrifying, but it’s time to pick them up cheap so we can benefit later. The key is to pick stocks with enough economic viability to pull through the worst recessions or dips in their revenue. Hence the reason dividend investing favors companies with strong earnings and wide economic moats.

In today’s recap I run through a few stocks that fell quite a bit today on sentiment and have future potential, as well as one of my favorite companies of all time. Can you guess what it is?


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