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Dividend Growth Investing Market Recap 8.19.2014

Saw another pretty good day across the market. Two dividend companies I want to point out today that showed some released some solid news.

One of my favorite stocks Apple Inc (AAPL) actually crossed the $100 a share mark, which is the highest it has ever been. This includes backtracking it before the 7:1 stock split in June. Apple consistently shows it delivers great products and this bodes well for long term investors. Especially since Apple is a cash generating machine and they are becoming more shareholder friendly with each passing quarter. Moving forward, I really hope to see Apple crank up their dividend yield and provide even greater returns to their shareholders.

In other news, Home Depot Inc. (HD) released amazing quarterly earnings today posting $1.52/share profit compared to analysts estimates of $1.44/share. This represents a 22.6% YOY increase. They also announced that they would be raising their earnings guidance by $0.10 to $4.52 EPS for all of 2014. This is the second time this year they have raised earnings guidance, which shows great momentum moving forward as the housing market recovers and consumer spending increases.

Well, that’s enough for a quick recap. You can check out the entire video below!


  1. Thanks for sharing this video highlighting AAPL and HD. It’s true that AAPl has been killing it the past decade or so. iPod really launched them back into relevance. I remember Apple of old when Microsoft had to step in to provide funding… the “awesome” Apple Newton that went nowhere. I know everyone is anticipating iPhone 6 later this year. Look forward to your next update.

    • Hey DivHut,

      Haha true. Glad to see they eventually hit the mark with their current product line. Can’t say I would wait in line for 3 days to be the first to have their products, but getting an iPhone 5 truly did change my opinion of their business. Hope to see them continue to succeed moving forward. Thanks for stopping by!

      Regards, Sam

    • So true! I still remember my first generation iPod. By far the coolest thing I owned at the time haha. Hopefully they continue to produce revolutionary products and stay ahead of the curve. Thanks for stopping by M!

      Regards, Sam

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