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Back to the Grind

As some of you may have noticed, I took somewhat of a break for the past two months (April and May of 2014). Due to the pressures of work and traveling, I haven’t been able to post as frequently as I would have liked to. The break wasn’t intentional, but I felt that my time was being eaten up with work, travel (SF!) and some family issues. To be honest though, it felt kind of refreshing.  Taking a break really does let you refocus you priorities and reevaluate what areas of your life or business need the most immediate attention. But, since the world doesn’t stop, I’ll be back at writing regularly starting this week!

I’m not Down!

I do want to share one thing I realized over my short break. Dividend investing is awesome! It wasn’t only my blog that I wasn’t able to check. Days at a time went by when checking my portfolio didn’t even cross my mind. Sure, I fell a few weeks behind on news and tracking stocks, but it wasn’t as bad as it would have been with swing trading. Overall, I saw a 2.45% gain in my dividend stocks over that two month period!

Thoughts Slowly Being Validated

I guess this goes back to some of my initial thoughts when I first started allocating funds towards dividend stocks. My main priority has always been to find consistent and sustainable growth without having to always be actively involved.   Remember, the plan is to build long term wealth while minimizing stress. This short two month break reinvigorated my resolve to allocate more of my funds towards dividend stocks and continue with my small case study.

Plans for June

June is about to be a big month. Our product at work is humming along smoothly, I’m done traveling until July and I’m sitting on quite a bit of cash that I need to invest ASAP.  The two stocks on my watchlist right now are Target (TGT) and Clorox (CLX). Both have experienced significant downturns and some fairly bad press, but they continue to show consistent earnings, strong dividend growth and are fairly undervalued in relation to their true value. I’ll post a deeper analysis in the next few days as I do my due diligence and rationalize which one I would like to initiate a position in.

Thanks for reading, Sam

Full Disclosure: No position in CLX or TGT

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