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Passive Income Report: How I Made an Extra $1,300 This Year

Today, I want to give all of you an in-depth income report for one of my  websites called

As many of my readers know, I created the site back in 2012 to generate online passive income by selling my study guide for the NASM personal training exam on there.

It took me all of 40 hours to set up, but it has continued to bring in extra income for me since then. Now that 2014 is all said and done, I decided to give you guys a complete review of the site and the type of income it generates.

2014 in Review

Here’s a screenshot from my ejunkie account. That was the only way I sold the study guide in 2014. I eventually added a new income stream in 2015, but more on that later.

ejunkie sales 2014

After subtracting out a few $1 sales I made when testing my conversion tracking, I get a final total of $1,293! I round all amounts to the nearest dollar for ease of reading. However, you can unlock the excel spreadsheet for my entire sales breakdown here:

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That’s not a huge sum by any means, but it’s pretty awesome considering how much work went into it. Since first setting up the site, I’ve literally put in zero work. The entire process of getting people to the site, someone buying the ebook and me delivering the product to them is fully automated. It pretty much runs itself. Here’s how…..

Let’s start with first setting up the website. This is a rough breakdown of how much time I spent on each aspect of setting up the website and sales funnel.

  • 1 hour formulating thoughts about the site
  • 2 hours setting up website
  • 1 hour setting up eJunkie (aka: automated sales funnel)
  • 1 hour formatting the study guide and creating the ebook
  • 35 hours writing content for the blog

As you can see, the majority of time was actually spent writing the content for the site. It was definitely a lot of writing, but it’s an extremely important part of the process.

Creating all this written content is what helps me drive free traffic to the site month after month from the search engines. This traffic generation strategy allows me to spend zero dollars on marketing, which makes each sale pretty much 100% profit.

They key to this strategy is writing blog posts that help send targeted visitors to your site. For example, the blog posts on the site are all about the NASM exam and how to prepare for it. Once the blog posts were indexed, they started ranking in Google for keywords like how to study for the nasm exam, how to pass the nasm exam, nasm study guide, etc. Anyone typing those things into Google is pretty much looking for help on the NASM exam, which makes them ideal potential customers.

Once they’re on the site, I use eJunkie to automate the sales process. Essentially, I uploaded my product to eJunkie and they handle the entire process of taking a customer to PayPal, verifying that they paid and then sending all the emails so that the customer can download the eBook.

eJunkie costs about $10 a month, but it’s completely worth it. It literally automates the entire process and allows me to generate sales 24/7/365.


Besides eJunkie, the site doesn’t have any other expenses besides website hosting.  But, services like BlueHost (affiliate link) make it extremely cost efficient by only charging $3.50 a month. That’s literally the price of a coffee.

Plus, if I divide the monthly cost of web hosting across all my websites (around 20 or so), it essentially becomes a negligible expense.

Another major cost I do want to point out is, obviously, paying for the NASM exam. It cost around $600 at the time. However, I don’t really consider that a cost. I was already preparing to become a personal trainer, regardless of whether or not I built this site. It’s part of my life experience strategy for building websites.  Any life event can potentially be turned into an income generating website.  So, since I was already going to take the exam, I don’t see it as a cost for creating this site.

Plan for 2015

The cool thing is that this site will continue to generate income each and every month without me having to put in another hour of work. I pretty much just get an email every time a sale is made and the money has been verified in my PayPal account.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put in extra work once you are generating money. Since the income stream is already set up, it’s never a bad idea to check in on it and see if there is an opportunity to increase sales.

For 2015, one big change I made for this sit was adding it to the Amazon Kindle store. To be honest, I should have done this much sooner than I did.

For Amazon, I priced the ebook considerably lower and 70% of each sale goes to Amazon. But that’s fine, since Amazon is sending the traffic and pretty much doing all the selling for me.

So far, after only being in the Kindle store for one full month, Amazon sales generated an extra $48.80 in January of 2015. Not bad considering it took about an hour to set up the Amazon publisher account. Here’s a screenshot for January, 2015:

amazon sales jan 2015

Here’s February, 2015 so far.

amazon sales feb 2015

Seeing how many sales Amazon sends me over the coming months will be exciting.  I’ve priced the ebook fairly low to start, but I do plan on testing a few different price points over the coming months to help maximize income.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the site has generated the following income since being created:

2012: $229

2013:  $1,550

2014: $1,293

2015 (as of 2/15/15): $228

That brings the total lifetime value of this site to $3,222!  All because I spent an extra 40 hours building a website about something I was already doing with my life. Think of all the different things you’re doing each and every day that someone else in the world would pay money to learn about!

This is exactly why I always recommend to people that they should learn how to build websites and start generating income online. A small investment can potentially result in an extra hundred bucks every single month.

Overall, I am extremely happy with the way this site has grown over the years.  I’ve primarily used the cash flow from this site to invest into other websites and online projects.  Plus, not having to take money out of the paycheck from my day job for these sites indirectly helped me save more money each month to invest in my dividend growth portfolio and 401k.

Overall, my primary goal is to continue growing these online properties and help accelerate the amount of money I can save each month. Over the long run, every single dollar saved from these sites helps me get one step closer towards my goal of financial freedom.

Do you generate income online? What are some strategies you use?

Thanks for reading, Sam


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