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How to Use Trello Effectively for Product Development

Fog Creek really outdid themselves with Trello. Essentially, Trello is a web based project management tool that helps optimize work flow so your team can efficiently release new product features. There are a lot of similar tools out there, but Trello is probably one of the top 3 product development tools out there. I mean seriously, it came form the guys  that helped create Microsoft Excel and Stack Exchange.

Since I use Trello personally pretty much every single day, I figured I would make a quick video for you guys. The video is mostly about a potential workflow for product development, but the principles can be applied to any type of project.

Have ideas on how to use Trello more efficiently? Thought of a cool way to use Trello? Leave me a comment and let me know!


  1. I actually came here to read about dividend investing, but found this post on trello, which I’ve recently started using to plan a trip to Germany. Thanks so much for highlighting a fab app!

    Best Wishes

    • Hey M,

      Haha glad to see it helped you! It’s probably one of the best tasklist apps I’ve ever used. Can’t live without it now.

      Thanks, Sam

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