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Dividend Portfolio

I love being transparent with my readers and sharing the specific trades I’m making to grow my dividend income. Give this blog a quick share to unlock my dividend portfolio.

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    • Hey DivHut,

      Definitely a small portfolio haha. I just started this year and am currently trying to initiate an average of 1 position per month, so 12 positions over the course of the year. Only problem is that I had to spend a pretty penny on weddings and bachelor parties this summer.So, i’m really trying to cut back on my spending this month to compensate and should, hopefully, be back on track next month. It’s funny how addicted you get to saving and investing when there’s such a great DGI community to follow 🙂

      Thanks, Sam

    • Hey FFF,

      I have everyone in the DGI community to thank for that. Definitely taught me some lessons without having to make the mistakes myself. I still have a lot of catching up to do though 🙂 Thanks again for dropping by!

      Best, Sam

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