How to Find Trending Stocks

One of the hardest parts of finding great investing opportunities is knowing when you should be following certain stocks and where you should go to find out more before you invest. Personally, I spend an hour before work looking over the markets and adding stocks to my watch list for the week. With such little...+

Coca Cola (KO) Dividend Stock Analysis

coca cola

Dividend growth investing, or any buy and hold strategy for that matter, requires constantly reevaluating your positions and determining whether growth has stagnated and if your funds could be better invested elsewhere. Having said that, my plan moving forward is to reevaluate a company and post my thoughts following the payment of a dividend. If...+

Dividend Growth Investing Rule #5: Price to Earnings Ratio of Less Than 20


The Price to Earnings (PE) ratio is also known as the earnings multiple and is calculated by taking the price of the stock and dividing by earnings per share (EPS). Intuitively, capping the Price to Earnings ratio at 20 seems arbitrary. Why 20? Most people would say it’s better to compare PE against other companies...+

Dividend Growth Investing Rule #2: Know the Fundamentals


For the long term investor, fundamental analysis is crucial. We aren’t trying o capitalize on short term fluctuations in share price. As dividend investors we aim to protect our principle while generating long term growth through dividends by investing in fundamentally sound companies that continue to grow earnings and market share year after year.  If...+

How to Find New Dividend Stocks: Market Movers Lists

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This trick is something I took from my old trading strategy, swing trading. A fundamental aspect of swing trading is finding undervalued stocks that have recently experienced significant price movements due to shifts in sentiment related to a press release, earnings report etc.  After the news is released, a wave of selling begins and the...+