Dividend Growth Investing Rule #3: Wide Economic Moat


The definition of a wide economic moat is essentially a type of sustainable (long term) competitive advantage that a company possesses which makes it difficult for competitors to steal market share or earnings. Economic theory states that in a competitive market, a profitable niche will always bring in competitors that are able to eat market...+

Dividend Growth Investing Rule #4: Strong Historical Dividend Growth


This relates back to not chasing yield. Companies with high yields and high dividend covers inherently carry a high risk of reducing their dividends once earnings are unable to sustain the rate at which they are compensating shareholders. On the other hand, companies with a strong history of consistently raising their dividends carefully maintain their...+

My Dividend Growth Investing Experiment

dividend growth

For the past month I have been learning the rules and principles that govern dividend growth investing strategy. I am by no means proficient in their ways, but I feel I have developed a solid enough foundation to begin a little experiment. Each month I plan on allocating a percentage of my savings towards initiating...+

Dividend Growth Investing Rule #1: Think Long Term


One of the most difficult aspects of investing is developing perspective and associating each investment with an appropriate time frame. Many investors, especially those who are young, are captivated by the charts of meteoric stocks where they could have potentially made two hundred percent in a few months. Wouldn’t it be great if those situations...+

What is Risk Capital?

risk capital

Personally, I believe investing should be as fun as watching paint dry. I took some time a while back to evaluate my investing strategy and decided that it took took much of my time and unnecessarily increased my risk. As a result, I switched my strategy to dividend investing and have been initiating position with an exit point...+